The Monastery, a Waikato based wellness centre, has now closed.

More than 700 people directly affected by the Christchurch earthquakes benefitted from a free stay at The Monastery since May 2011.

The Wise Group is deeply grateful to The Monastery staff, who provided such an amazing service during the last four years, and to everyone else who has supported The Monastery, including local and nationwide businesses and suppliers of the Wise Group.

Senior clinical psychologist Terri Donovan said The Monastery was the "lifeline needed for many Cantabrians to keep going". "It enabled them to increase their tolerance around uncertainty, to recover some energy and optimism."

Guests have told us that their stay at The Monastery was life changing.

"It saved my life, quite frankly."
Guest, April 2014
"I arrived emotionally, physically and spiritually depleted. I was careering out of control. The Monastery restored my hope. A life changing experience I will not forget."
Guest, May 2014
"I feel refreshed, stronger and more able to face the world. It’s not until you experience this that you are able to see how far out of sync your life has become."
Guest, May 2014
"Your therapy/workshops have really been a tonic… I have more energy to work and look after myself and others. Thanks for providing such a healing experience that will bring much goodness to many lives – indirectly and indirectly."
Guest, May 2014
"Christchurch is full of stressed, tensioned and angry people who are all in a stagnant status and don’t know how to escape. You’ve enabled me to hope for a better future by thinking of the opportunities and experiences that are to come."
Guest, March 2014

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